Monday Movement

The time for half-hearted measures has ended
The hour for parlay is past
Raise the barricades
Light the fires
Hold the lines
The call: we do what?
We fight, we fight, we fight!
What do we do, we too few?
What is to be done, dum ditty dum?
The base is rotting,
Foundation falling.
Elephants stomp upon the roots,
Devouring the fresh green shoots.
What will remain of our heartwood
Before the big top comes down
On the circus that has taken over town?
There’s no ground left to give
Stand or be driven into the rising sea
Breathe a prayer for profit corrupts the air
The hard rain is falling,
Complacency calling
we fight we fight we fight
Do I lace-up the gloves
Step into the ring
Face off when the bell rings?
we might we might we might
Can I show up with half a heart no more?
Offer no quarter no more
Fly solo no more
Cop nolo contedere pleas no more
We are in the last round
To negotiate is to capitulate
And to capitulate brings doom.
The center has no gravity to hold
So fight for love,
Fight for the heartwood,
Fight for the light
The final bell has not rung.

May 2013